FitOldDog's Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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A five-step approach to the resolution of

acute morning heel pain.

Based on improved body awareness.

Download the 'So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Research Report'

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"I ordered this book after injuring myself in April 2013. I had just finished moving all of my belongings from one apartment building to the one next door. I figured that I could handle it since it was such a short distance, but just days afterward I could barely stand without wincing. I had to stop jumping/running on my trampoline immediately, which was very difficult to adjust to the physical inactivity. I talked to my doctor and she indicated it was plantar fasciitis. I stretched and got one of those night boots, wearing it faithfully with no results. When I found this book while looking on the internet I decided to give it a try since Kevin was a very accomplished (and mature) athlete. At first I followed the basic suggestions provided and was still in pain. I decided to email him. Amazingly he emailed me back and based on my problems he and his wonderful dance teacher, Rebecca added more to the program. I have followed the protocol suggested by both as best as I can remember to on a regular basis and now I have NO PAIN when I walk. I have slowly returned to my beloved trampoline at very minimal weekly increments, starting at 30 seconds and am now up to 16 minutes, again with no pain. I was very impressed with Kevin's follow through of every detail and appreciated that these are things that anybody, and I mean ANYBODY can do to regain the health of their feet. If you are willing to put a little work and a lot of love into your feet get this book. Kudos to Kevin and Rebecca!"

Rosemary Glean