Art And Science Of Plantar Fasciitis

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Understanding And Curing Plantar Fasciitis

There are dozens of advertised treatments for plantar fasciitis.

Each supported by testimonials, from happy customers.

None of these treatments work for everyone, and in some cases they make the symptoms worse - yes, worse!

They all have one thing in common - the potential to influence body movement.

Rubber balls. Heel inserts. Rollers. Injections of cortisone. Coconut oil massage, etc...

Our research demonstrated that a change of shoes is most likely to fix your heel pain - but again, even changing shoes has made the symptoms worse, in some people - OUCH!

We cured our plantar fasciitis through careful study.

FitOldDog is a veterinary research pathologist.

Rebecca, a body movement expert and artist.

We combined our Art and Science. To create a simple, body-movment-based cure.

No expensive equipment. We teach you how move correctly.

Enjoy that feeling of self-empowerment!

Take charge of your life, through body-awareness training.