PREPARE FOR AGING: Short Stories To Keep You Moving And Adapting!

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The author, Dr. Kevin T. Morgan, veterinarian and Ironman-distance triathlete in his 70s, learned a great deal from his mistakes over the years. He would like to share with you some useful information. Information he wish he’d possessed all those years ago.

As a scientific lecturer of many years, he soon learned that lectures don’t work. Stories do! We are a story telling species, thus the use of stories in this book. Each story, from the author's life as a country vet and a research scientist. Each has been selected to provide a lesson of value. A lesson that made life easier, and which may well improve your effectiveness and happiness.

The goal of this book is for you to enjoy your golden years, which, much like the 140.6-mile Ironman race, takes a little preparation.

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